Tolan on ‘hope and dignity’ amidst Israel’s military occupation

In recent days, clashes and demonstrations have erupted across Palestine as Israeli forces have injured more than 400 Palestinians, according to the YWCA in Jerusalem, attacking more than a dozen ambulances, shooting some 40 with live ammunition, killing four teenagers in barely 24 hours, and shooting a woman dead in cold blood at a checkpoint. An “endless state of emergency,” the YWCA declared.

In such bleak times, with events spiraling out of control, it is tempting to believe that there can be no positive news, no inspiration. But there are people working to infuse Palestinian children with hope and dignity amidst the seemingly never-ending onslaught of Israel’s military occupation. One of them does so with the power of music. Ramzi Aburedwan, pictured here, is the founder of Al Kamandjati (“The Violinist”) music institute in the West Bank, and the subject of my new book, ‪#‎childrenofthestone‬.

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