Divine inspiration or pure politics: What’s behind Charles Schumer’s opposition to Obama’s Iran deal?

Salon_website_logoIs the self-described guardian of Israel risking his leadership because he believes God speaks through him?


Throughout history, kings, sultans, popes and commanders in chief have claimed to hear the voice of God in matters of war and peace.

From Pope Urban II’s cry of “Deus vult!” (God wills it!) in launching the Crusades in 1095, to George W. Bush’s alleged claim, in 2003, that God told him, “George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq,” history is replete with leaders who acted because they believed God spoke to them directly and told them what to do.

Is a sense of divine responsibility at work in Sen. Charles Schumer’s opposition to the Iran deal?  Is the senior senator from New York breaking with the Obama administration, risking his rise to the leadership of the Senate Democrats, in part because he believes God speaks through him?

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