Praise for ‘Children of the Stone’ in Huffington Post Books, the Seattle Times & St. Louis Dispatch


Sandy Tolan knows Palestinian life. His first book, The Lemon Tree: An Arab, A Jew and the Heart of the Middle East (2006) was followed up by his popular blog, Ramallah Café: Facts on the Ground in the Middle East. Now he gives us Children of the Stone where we hear more about some of the people we’ve met at his café,” writes Huffington Post Books’ Nancy Graham Holm.

“What we also get is an unexpected “symphony” in four movements with magical Interludes; a blend of biography and politics with a literate discussion of music. The book’s subtitle: The Power of Music in a Hard Land refers to the profound influence music can have on people who live in a perpetually punishing environment…” Read the full review here.

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